PT.SAJ & PT.MBJ Gathering

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Lembang, West Bandung

May 28 – 29th, 2016


PT. Sinergi Adimitra Jaya and PT. Mitra Jaya Bersama were holding annual company gathering last May for 2 days 1 night. The purpose of this event is to increase solidarity, unity, and relationship between company’s employee.

The event started with outing at Grafika Cikole, Lembang. Employees were enjoying activities with their office-mates, such as fun games for team, outbond, flying fox, or just enjoying the breeze of North Bandung.



The joy and happiness was not over, because there was an entertainment at night. While enjoying dinner, everyone was listening to Mr. Suratman’s (Director of PT. Sinergi Adimitra Jaya and PT. Mitra Bersama Jaya) speech.

Not to forget, the loyal employees who already works for more than 10 years were given a special gift and appreciation.

The night had not ended, yet. All the employees were waiting for door prizes from electronic tools until the most wanted prize, two motorcycles.


With this event, we are hoping to have a great and joy memories for each person. Hopefully we can strengthen the relationships among employee and company. So we can achieve goals and always give the best in the future.

See you in the next gathering!